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Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.


Jamu – an Indonesian Medicinal Drink is a daily tonic, not a juice. To assist in maintaining good health, drink daily or more regularly for healing and recovery when sick or injured.

Why Propa Earth?

Healthy Soils, Health Plants & Healthy People

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Summer Heat

The intense heat and no rain makes things very challenging on the Farm at this time of year. The Turmeric and Ginger are all sprouting with new leaves rising out of the soil. The days are spent busily mulching the beds of soil that the Rhizomes are planted in to...

New ginger

The wet season arrived with an intense storm that bought thunder and lightning, hail and lots of welcome rain. We were fortunate not to get hail damage on our Farm just lots of rain. All of the pastures are green and lush again, the Cows are happy. There are lots of...