The products that we grow have optimal taste, vitality and nutrient value. Our products are Jamu, Fresh Turmeric Latte Mixer, Healing Balm, Moisturiser, Fresh Turmeric and Ginger Root, Seasonal Flowers, Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs. 

What is Jamu?
Jamu is a traditional Indonesian Medicinal Drink. Many recipes contain Turmeric and Ginger and others are made with fresh or dried herbs, barks and roots.

Jamu is a fresh product with no preservatives. Our Jamu is designed to assist in encouraging your body to maintain or re-gain good health. We use fresh Turmeric, Ginger and Herbs harvested from our Farm and make small batches to ensure you get the highest quality product.

Where to get Propa Earth products?                                                                                                                                                               

If you wish to become a stockist please get in touch via our contact page and we can send you a products price list for your area.

Please see a full list of stockists at the end of our products. 

How to drink Jamu?
You can enjoy Jamu as a delicious daily tonic to maintain good health or drink more frequently when sick, injured or run down.

Turmeric & Ginger Jamu

a delicious daily tonic with the earthy flavour of Turmeric and Ginger, mellow Honey and refreshing Citrus.

Red Ginger Jamu

A distinct Ginger flavour that warms the throat and chest. Balanced with palm sugar and lime makes a delicious and healing daily tonic.

 Lemongrass and Tulsi Jamu

A refreshing daily tonic with aromatic lemongrass and the earthy flavours of tulsi, ginger and nettle.


The Original Turmeric Latte made with Fresh Biodynamic Turmeric and Ginger and Spices. Serve with your choice of Milk for a delicious healing drink, pour over Ice Cream  or use in Sweets and Savouries.

Healing Balm

Made with Biodynamic Turmeric, Comfrey and Lavender to heal cuts, burns, bruises, breaks and bites.


Made with Turmeric, Tulsi and Ylang Ylang to Nourish and Protect the skin .

Ginger Root

Biodynamic Ginger Root available. Please contact us to find out seasonal availability of fresh new Ginger or aged Ginger.

Turmeric Root.

Biodynamic Turmeric root available. Please get in touch via the contact page to find out about varieties and quantities.

Our Stockists

Atherton Tablelands

Atherton Organic Farmer’s Co-Op & Altitude Café Yungaburra.