The intense heat and no rain makes things very challenging on the Farm at this time of year. The Turmeric and Ginger are all sprouting with new leaves rising out of the soil. The days are spent busily mulching the beds of soil that the Rhizomes are planted in to ensure that they have lots of organic matter feeding them, keeping the soil cool, trapping water under the mulch, protecting the soil and rhizomes from the scorching sun and suppressing the weeds. Hand weeding the beds of Turmeric and Ginger is another big job as there are many weeds germinating after disturbance to the soil.

In between these jobs and many more we spend time in our kitchen making Jamu, Golden Milk Paste, Healing Balm and Moisturizer. We collect herbs grown on the Farm for using in the skincare and drinks. We are busy collecting more Lemongrass for planting so that we have plenty to harvest and use in our Drinks.

The new lush leaves unfurling on the Turmeric remind me that all the hard work is worth it. Nothing is permanent and the rains will come soon enough.